How to read policy document results

Image map of a result

Use the following map to identify the different elements in a policy document result.

Policy document result
  1. Title of the policy document
  2. Policy source and date of publication
  3. Type of policy document
  4. Abstract of the policy document (this will not appear if no abstract is available)
  5. Top topics which describe the policy document
  1. Tag document for later or download the full-text of the policy document PDF
  2. Reference of the publication cited in the policy document
  3. Context of the citation within the policy document and page number where citation was found
  4. ‘Show more’ will open the full record for the policy document

Coloured bars in policy document results

A blue, yellow or red bar on the left side of a citation in a policy document result, corresponds to the type of citation found.

The blue bar indicates the citation is from a scholarly output like a journal article.

The yellow bar indicates a mention of a person and their affiliation in the policy document. A mention is where a name and author affiliation is picked up in a policy document but is not a citation for scholarly research. Some examples of the kind of “mentions” Overton picks up include when someone provides expert advice on a panel or participates in a committee hearing.

A red bar indicates the citation is from a policy document.

Sometimes, a double red and blue will appear in a search result. This occurs when a policy document might also be classed as a scholarly article. This happens when a policy document has been given a DOI.

“Stacks” of policy documents in the image thumbnail

Each policy document result includes a thumbnail image of the policy document. Sometimes the image thumbnail shows a “stack” of policy documents. This indicates that the policy document record includes multiple PDFs.

This occurs when a policy document is made up of multiple PDFs. Any citations found throughout the various PDFs of a single policy document will be linked to the relevant PDF.

Policy document with multiple PDFs

Identifying citations from key sources in results

Key sources is a customisable, user-curated list of policy sources. See our “Key Sources” help page to learn more. When an organization has been cited in a policy document that comes from one of their “Key Sources,” a grey box will appear to the right of the policy document result.

Citation in a policy document from a key source
Updated on February 9, 2024

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