Has my work been cited in Policy?

Overton’s primary focus is policy documents so we do not index every scholarly article which has ever been published. The only scholarly articles shown in Overton are ones which have been cited in policy.

For example; I searched for 99 scholarly articles and 98 of them are in Overton. The one which is missing was published this week so will not have made its way into policy yet. If it’s not cited in policy, it’s not in Overton. 

Searching for an Individual Scholarly Article

First, make sure you’re using the right tab! Click on ‘Search Scholarly Articles’ 

If you want to search by the title of your article, make sure you select the option to search for the ‘exact-phrase’

Alternatively you can use the ‘Search by DOI’ option

Reading the results

  1. You can use the ‘Explore’ drop down menu to see the Policy Documents citing this paper
  2. This shows that 34 Policy Documents have cited this paper. Please note the number of citations here only refers to policy citations. It has no relation to citations in Scopus or Web of Science. 
  3. Users have a default set of ‘Key Sources’ highlighted as key to their field or location, and this shows that this article has been cited in 8 Policy documents by these key sources. 

Searching for a list of articles

If you have published multiple scholarly articles, you can search the entire list. The easiest way of doing this is to get a list of DOIs and paste them into the ‘Search by DOI’ box and click ‘Search for these identifiers’. 

Once you’ve searched for the articles, click ‘Explore’ then ‘See the policy citing these papers’

  1. Once you click on ‘See Policy citing these papers’ the tab will change to ‘Policy Documents’.
  2. Shows you that the results are Policy Documents ‘Citing the given DOIs’
  3. You have the option to ‘Save Search’ which means you can save the search and turn it into a weekly or monthly email alert, to be alerted when we index a document which cites your articles.
  4. To get a summary or overview of the policy documents citing the DOIs, you can click ‘See Report’ for information on countries producing the policy, institutions cited, funders of cited research and other information. Here is an example; Example Summary Report.
  5. Shows you the number of Policy Documents which have cited the scholarly articles in our list. In this case, 157 policy documents have cited one of the 17 scholarly articles we searched for. 
Updated on March 11, 2024

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