Trial User Accounts

Trial Users are able to explore each tab in the Overton database (Policy Documents, People and Scholarly Articles) but they do have some limits on their accounts.


If you are searching the Policy Documents tab or the Scholarly Articles tab using a list of DOIs, you will be able to search for a maximum of 1000. When you have a list of search results, as a trial user you will be able to access and explore the first 3 pages of results, so it is best to have a good, specific search term.

The search results for searching the 'Policy Documents' tab, using the term 'World Development Report'. There is a notification alerting the user that it is a Trial Version of Overton, and will only show them the first three pages of results.

Exporting Policy Documents

If you would like to export Policy Document information, you will be able to export 60 records into either Excel, RIS or CSV format. 

Exporting Scholarly Articles

If you would like to export Scholarly articles, you will be able to export 150 records into either CSV or RIS format.

Updated on May 16, 2024

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