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For organisations that produce, publish or fund scholarly research, the route into a search in Overton often starts with a search for a cohort of scholarly articles. You can then see the policy documents that cites or mentions your scholarly outputs.

Run a search for research linked to journals, funders, publishers or institutions

From the dashboard, select the ‘Search for Scholarly Articles’ tab in the search window.

Start typing the name of a journal, funder, publisher or institution and you will see a dropdown appear below with suggested searches. Select one of the options in the dropdown, or if you prefer, you can just run a keyword search just using the text you’ve typed. 

You can do advanced searches using boolean operators – see our help article.

If you expect to see your organisation but it doesn’t appear in the dropdown, try adding or removing any punctuation or using the full name instead of an abbreviation. If it still doesn’t appear, try searching the name in the text box without selecting a dropdown option, and see whether your organisation appears in the search results, and if so how the name is written. You can then use this name format in future. If you’re still struggling, get in touch.

Run a search for specific research outputs

Alternatively, you can run a search for specific articles using a list of DOIs, ISBNs, PMIDs or an ORCID.

Filter results

Once you reach the search results page, you can filter the results further using the filters in the left hand panel. You can filter by scholarly article attributes such as year of publication, author, institutional affiliation, funder and publisher, as well as how the articles relate to policy documents including cited by: source, cited by: source type, cited in: region, and topics linked to the citing documents.

Explore further

In the grey action bar directly above the search results, you can save this search (and set up an email alert), see a Summary Report of your Serach results or explore the policy documents citing the articles in your results set.

Updated on April 4, 2024

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