Site-specific identifiers in Overton

How to use other identifiers like DOIs or catalog numbers for documents in the Overton database

When Overton collects documents from a policy document source it focuses on basic metadata like titles, authors and publication dates. However on request it’s possible for us to also collect site specific IDs, like catalog IDs, internal identifiers, DOIs and so on.

These site specific IDs must be machine readable in some form, ideally in a <meta> tag – take a look at our best practices guide for publishers for more information on this, or talk to your account manager.

You can see if we’ve collected any site specific identifiers for a document by viewing its document details page. Any identifiers are shown along the left hand side of the page.

Example identifiers block (outlined in red) on a document details page

Once indexed you can use these identifiers for search, using the id: advanced search query. See “Searching specific fields” in the advanced search guide for more.

Updated on February 9, 2024

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